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dianeb_047's Journal

I'm a certified Old Fart lesbian with a great sense of humor who doesn't take herself seriously unless absolutely necessary. I'm also OC/AR and PROUD! (Give me a project that involves organizing supplies and materials into neat little labeled bundles or stacks, and I'm in heaven. Sharpening new pencils? OMFG, orgasmic.)

I love writing fanfic and I enjoy reading fanfic, too, as long as it's well plotted and well written. I'd be willing to serve as beta, as long as your fic isn't a million-word epic. I suffer from SASS (Short Attention Span Syndrome), so unless your story is limited to 2,000 words (or broken into 2,000-word *chapters*), I'm probably not the one to help you.

Admit to some trepidation regarding journaling. May never post many entries.