Road Justice

So I'm driving to work the other day, down a road with a 35 MPH speed limit, which I am minding. This guy comes tearing out from behind me and zooms on down the road. Even as I'm saying out loud to myself in the car "Why is there never a cop around when you..." here comes the police vehicle, out from a side road, lights and siren blaring. He's pulling the guy over as I go speed-limit past him. Yes, Virginia, you sometimes do get to see justice meted out.

Answer for question 4517.

We all know the saying, "it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." But do you believe in that? If you knew it was going to end badly, with your heart broken, would you avoid the relationship to begin with?
Well, yes, like the plague. I mean, if you *knew* it was going to end badly, heart broken and all that. You can be sure Tennyson wrote the poem that contained these words AFTER his heart had been broken and he'd come to terms with it. The joy of love and the future is that you *don't* know when you start, but you have hope that it will last forever.

Hey, it's Me

Haven't posted a thought to this journal in ages - which isn't necessarily anything to be ashamed about, since I've never posted much here in the first place - BUT.....I figured I ought to shout out if for no other reason than to say Hey, I'm still reading LiveJournal.

In looking back, I realize I even forgot to post a Shore Leave con report. And now, only months away from this year's SL, I figure it's far too late to say anything except I HAD A GREAT TIME. Of course I did, because as anyone who's read my SL con reports knows, there's no such thing as a bad time at Shore Leave. Or should I say, if you're at Shore Leave and you're having a bad time, then it's your own darned fault.

In the fall of 2014, I went to Orlando for a week, spending time lounging around the pool, riding the trolley up and down International Drive, overeating, and, of course, in a nod to the Mouse, visiting Animal Kingdom. BUT....I also visited a wonderful little museum called World of Chocolate Museum & Cafe, on International Drive (of course), and not to be confused with any other museum about chocolate. What a delight! It's not a very big place, but that makes the guided tours not very big, either, so your tour is personal and loads of fun. The tour ended with a chocolate tasting, like a dozen different chocolates, I mean, and then a chance to purchase chocolates and coffee. A great way to spend an afternoon without spending next month's mortgage payment.

Went to Buffalo, NY, for Thanksgiving, right after the big snow that (so they would have you believe) buried Buffalo. Guess what? No snow. Granted, there was snow along the lake, which is where they always get snow, only this time it was more than usual and some roofs collapsed and schools were closed, but still. Buffalo was functioning just fine only days after. I'll tell ya, those people know how to deal with the snowfall.

Christmas came and went far too quickly, as it seems to be doing lately, and now it's January, with 2015 barreling right along.

All I can say now is: I can't wait for Shore Leave. Har! See ya people!

It's Almost SHORE LEAVE Time!

Here I am, with my annual giddy post about the upcoming Shore Leave Sci-Fi Convention ( It's only sixteen days away now, and I'm allowing myself the full shivery anticipation of it. And, for real, I'm a grown-up, with a decent job, a mortgage, and a fair amount of greensward to mow, edge, and weed. So it's not like I'm a kid - but, boy howdy, I always feel this way in the weeks approaching this con. I just adore it, there's no other way to say it. I love listening to the celebrity guests, I love, love meeting the pro writers, heck, I even love standing in line for autographs and putting my bag of non-perishables on the pile for the Maryland Food Bank. I love sitting and listening to filk, I love attending panels, I love wandering around in the art show and the dealers rooms, I love sitting...pretty much anywhere...and watching the peoples. And there are SO MANY peoples, and they are so diverse! I've honestly never seen such a mix of types in any other place, ever. And (for the most part), they are joyous, happy to be there, kind, and tolerant. It makes me happy. And in these sixteen days, I will gleefully float in my bubbly pool of anticipation and be joyous myself. There ya have it.

Ten Days

Ten days until Shore Leave - but who's counting? Only me. As you may know from previous years' posts, I love, love, love this con, and I'm not even upset that it's been moved from July to August. In fact, it works much better for me - which makes my excitement level jump to warp, of course. There's a rockin' line-up of actor guests, and just nevermind all the pro writers in attendance at the "Meet the Pros" party on Friday night. What a way to open the con, lemmie tell ya!

I learned long ago that for me it's almost more the thrill of anticipation of this con than the con itself. Er, almost. The simple truth is, I just can't wait, and then it always goes too fast. But that's okay. The fact is, there's very little in my life these days that gets me as excited as Shore Leave, so I'm just gonna go with it and enjoy the feeling!

My Two Cents: "Ula, Ula"

I'm like Oprah, I can't stop singing this little ditty. But what I love most is all the chatter about it. Target picked it because it was catchy, "summer-y," if you will, right? Not to offend anyone's indelicate sensibilities about what's supposed to be "American." It's a silly little song - and not even the whole song - that's perfect for the ads. OMG, get a life, people.

Uh oh, guess what day it is

I've been enjoying most of the GEICO "Happier than..." ads, but this latest one, the hump day camel, amuses me no end, and each time it comes on during a show I've DVR'ed, I have to stop and replay it three or four times. I adore ads that amuse me - since most television ads are ridiculous - and I'm glad GEICO's been coming up with some clever ones.